Ris Low in "The Magnum" ... Rated: Boomz!!

Don't you think she'll be the best to be She-Hulk?

Great work (Magnum Opus) it won't be. No way.

Ris Low--the former Miss Singapore World cum one of Asia's 25 most influential people cum the youth spokesperson for Espire Condoms--will star in a Singapore-made movie, titled "The Magnum". The character in the movie "will show her serious side". No kidding?!?!

I'm Anonymous_X and I'm laughing at you!

If you think Ris Low has finally stayed away from the limelight, think again.

The former Miss Singapore World, who lost her crown due to credit card fraud charges, told Yahoo! Singapore that she is going to star in a Singapore-made movie.

Titled "The Magnum", she says the character she will play will show her serious side - something she wants to portray to the public.

The director, CJ Harvaraj, told Yahoo! Singapore that it was a business decision to cast Miss Low and that he thinks the buzz around her will cause people to watch the movie.

The controversial 21-year-old created much buzz in 2009 when she made herself infamous when she won then gave up her Miss Singapore World crown due to former credit card fraud charges.

Her winning of the crown was also questionable due to a scandal surrounding the beauty pageant in Singapore as contestants had to purchase tables for support which gave the impression that the more you spend with the organisers, the higher chance of winning.

She also revealed that she has bipolar disorder and blamed her stealing urges on her condition.

Netizens were not impressed by this woman who also invented catchphrases such as "Boomz", "shingz" and "Preenz" while many criticised her English language skills.

2009 was certainly the year for Miss Low as she was ranked as one of the 25 most influential people or groups in Asia in 2009 by CNN, a United States news network channel.

Mr Harvaraj did not reveal anything about the movie other than it is an action film.

Yahoo! Singapore reported that "The Magnum: is back by Jayam Ni Pte Ltd and is expected to cost between S$500,000 to S$1 million.

The film will be shot entirely in Singapore and is slated to start in late February.

From Asiaone, "Ris Low to star in movie".