"Ah Quan" divorcing his wife for abusing him sexually and psychologically...

A henpecked husband of the worst level. Can hardly believe the article.

A man has filed for divorce from his wife after alleging that she abused him sexually and psychologically.

The 47-year-old bus driver named "Ah Quan" wrote in his divorce application that he had enough of his wife's psychological bullying, He said that his pride had been destroyed by her.

Ah Quan and his wife has been married for 20 years with two sons. They first met when he was a bus driver and she was a hairdresser.

Chinese newspaper Shin Min Daily reported that the first cracks in their marriage appeared when he realised that she was having affairs with other men. However, she did not change her ways and instead tried to control him.

She forced him to do the housework and requested for thousands of dollars for monthly utilities. Ah Quan also said that she took it out on him sexually.

The wife would also ridicule him in public, calling him "useless man" and "impotent" in front of everybody.

Ah Quan said that he was disappointed that she refused to stop tormenting him even after she lost interest in him. She also destroyed his reputation, he said.

Ah Quan left the house six months ago. He has also hired a lawyer to help him with his divorce application.

Had own company

Ah Quan once ran his own transportation company. He had 2 private buses.

However, his wife kept spreading rumours about him until those in the industry lost their trust in him. She sent improper SMSes to his friends and colleagues and also made prank calls.

His business failed in the end. He then ended up working for a female boss as a bus driver.

However, his wife did not let up and started spreading rumours about him and his boss. She even showed his colleagues the boss's picture and told them that they were having an affair.

Asked for at least $5,000 each time

Ah Quan said that he has given his wife at least $200,000 so far.

He said that she would put the money in her own account or invest it. She would insult him whenever he asked for the money and never returned it to him.

She would request for a "bonus" whenever the year ended. He was also expected to give her presents for her birthday and wedding anniversaries. She would ask for $5,000 to $10,000 each time.

The couple would quarrel everytime they spoke and could only communicate using SMS. His relationship with his two sons also took a turn for the worse after they were influenced by their mother.

From Asiaone, "Man seeks divorce after alleged sexual abuse by wife".