Find out: Who's Mr.X actually?

In my 1st dream:
I saw someone in the black shirt, black-cropped hair, but in his light skin, not too old, and not too young also,
is reading a newspaper there.
Everyday always bring the newspaper, either in the library or even in the canteen.
He read it seriously, whereas many people around, whereas it's crowd or quite,
he still doesn't budge.
But unfortunately, his face is not too obvious,
because I stand far enough from him.
In my 2nd dream:
I saw him again and again.
In his white blazer, and I realized that he is tall enough.
Still holding the newspaper, he goes to the library.
Browsing the internet, and searching anything that I never know.
While occasionally joking with the librarians,
he read, then I see the smile on his face.
Is he thirst of the knowledge?

And then he goes by his blue vehicle...

Well, I know it just my dream. But, why it can happen up to 2 times?
It's ok, when I'm busy with my daily activities, I could forget it. But in the night when I want to sleep, I'll remember it again. Huahh! I'm so curious.
Really, who is he?
Sometimes in black, and the other times he is in white.
On the one side, I'm impressed with his curiosity. But the other side, think about it makes me scared. Hiiii!
And apparently, I ever saw him in the real life, you know! Wow, CRAZY!

I'm not just writing, not only imagining, guys! This actually happened to me.
Could anyone help me to show the truth? Who is HE?

# By the way, how about my photo session this morning?
It was taken when we were waiting for the late lecture.

Location : My beloved faculty (FKG USU's Garden)
Photographer : Henny
Camera : Nokia X2

Cool isn't it?
Thanks to Henny who take this pics.